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V-Ray Cloth Shader

Realistic Fabric Tutorial Maya

Rivality: Zombie Attack

cloth shader vray

Realistic Soft Cloth Shader Tutorial

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Alright, now this is my first free video tutorial, it’s not my first video tutorial as you already know I have 3 courses launched make sure to check out my Digital Tutors courses, but you are not here for that, you are here for the free tutorial because let’s face it we all love free goodies, I just hope you find this tutorial helpful and I really hope you can integrate it in your daily workflow.

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oasim karmieh

A Jack of All trades

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I’m a web designer, a graphic designer, motion graphics designer, a 3d modeler, 3d lighting, 3d character designer, and I’m a 3d sculptor. I’m all of those things and sometimes I jump from one role to the other 2 or 3 times a day and I’m not a shamed of it and you shouldn’t be either.
For the last couple of years I was trapped in this idea of being a specialist and being amazing at one thing, but the more I work and the more time I spent learning only one speciality

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