So, as I promised, here is weekly scene #2. Couple of weeks ago I watched for the first time the Maltese falcon which is a classic Film Noir and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Keep in mind this is a 1941 movie. So this week’s scene is dedicated to Film noir and especially to Humphrey Bogart cause he was such an icon of that movie genre. Although my scene is not black and white, I tired to mimic a low-key visual style, but along the way I decided to add a background light cause I felt the scene was too empty and I wanted to add something to make it more attractive and so it has more depth to it. Although background light is usually used in Four point lighting setup.


film noir 3d scene


So here is the light set-up to light up this scene:

I’ll start with the Key light which is your regular spot light.


weekly seen low-key-light-setup


Next is the Ambient Occlusion light:


ambient oclusion light weekly seen 2


Background light:


background light setup

Last but not least the Rim Light:

back light


The scene was rendered using Mental Ray, no Final gather or Global Illumination have been used.


ambient occlusion render


Instead of using your regular Ambient occlusion pass (seen above) , I’ve used a beautiful technique that I learned from Mina. She wrote a great blog post called Ambient Occlusion as a light.. why and How? and if you are interested to know more about the Ambient occlusion light technique visit her blog and check it out. The cigarette smoke has been added in photoshop.


The Character’s name is Luca, I modeled the character using Maya 2011, I used procedural texturing for the Suite and the tie (I will be writing a new tutorial on how to create that striped soft cloth using only procedural texturing) , the Wooden chair and shotgun’s shoulder rest are procedural textures, of course. Learn how to create realistic wooden textures in maya using only procedural textures. For the eyes I have used procedural texturing as-well. For the walls and floor I used photos as textures with a subtle bump map.

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