I know it’s been a while since I have updated my blog, I had a couple of really busy weeks adjusting to some new project which are amazingly FUN! Can’ say much now, but I promise I will have lots to share with you dudes and dudets pretty soon.


Now don’t tell me that you thought Weekly Seen was over???? NO way! I’m just getting warmed up and I will def have more scenes to share!


This week’s weekly scene is dedicated to my best friend. Spring is here, love is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with flowers, lots of flowers. Luca is hurrying through the beautiful streets of Old Sibiu to get to his beloved one with this lovely bouquet of flowers!


weekly seen 4


I know some people, while I was doing this scene, told me ” what’s with all the flowers? Is Luca going soft or something?” My answer to these people is: “Don’t even think about messing with Luca especially when he is carrying flowers he is deadlier than ever. You have been warned !!”

In case you haven’t seen Luca when he is angry, check these out: Luca Godfather style and when he is really pissed off .

This week I will try to share some technical info about this scene, but before I get into all the nerdy stuff. This photo has a special place in my heart for multiple reasons :) which I won’t start sharing with you guys :D, I don’t want people to start saying I’ve gone soft.

I think I took this photo 2 years ago in the lovely city of Sibiu. If you guys ever visit Romania, that is def the place YOU MUST VISIT!


oasim karmieh weekly seen


I thought this would look really good in 3d, but it was too cold for my taste. So I added some sunlight and shadows in photoshop and did some matte painting just to see if I can translate the feeling of a warm sunny afternoon with a couple of brush strokes in Photoshop. And, as you can see below, it came out pretty nice, it’s not going to be auctioned or win an award anytime soon but it will do the purpose it was intended for.


matte painting cycle into ligh


As you guys already know, I’m a Maya user and I have been using Mental Ray for most of my lighting and rendering. But lately Vray has become one of the industry standard in Maya  and guess what, I’m freakin’ happy about that, cause I just love Vray. I used it back in my 3D max days this makes me sound as if decades passed since I used 3d max. Anyhow I’m trying really hard not to deviate from this week’s scene.


So this is my first weekly scene Lighten and rendered using Vray for Maya and I’m very happy how it came out. I can’t go into details about the setup of this scene but I will do a fast walkthrough on some of the setting and light setup that I have used.


lights setup oasim


First of all for the sun light I have used a regular good old Directional Light from Maya which I love using cause you have so much control with it ( at least for me), far much better results than the Vray Sun and Sky.


To be honest, first couple of tests I did this scene using Vray’s Sun and Sky, I was happy about the result but I didn’t get the amount of control that I wanted from the sun light and the sky. So I decided to use the Directional Light and the Dome Light from Vray which is just amazing.


For the sky I used cold temperature of 6500 K and for the sun I went with a warm color, and I also used one VrayRectLight just to add some nice warm light on the face and front of the bike.


3d bicycle with red flowers



The bike and flowers were modeled in Maya. I put enough details into them, even too much for this type of scene, but I thought I might need to use them in another scene and it was some nice practice for me. I loved working on this bike, especially when I came up with the idea to have a basket full of red flowers! Bike textures are regular Vray material, the textures on the flowers is Procedural texture and I love how they came out, I might even write a tutorial on how to create texture.


3d wireframe bike


Here are a couple of Studio lighting setup Renders of the Bike, I even added a couple with wireframes just in case you don’t believe they are 3D I’m being humble I know :) (just kiddin).


wireframe 3d bicycle


If you like the studio setup, let me know and I might do a tutorial on how to setup that :) and it might even be a video tutorial.

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