Pixar shows interest in Moldavian Animation studio

Do you know anything about a small European country, situated at the border of EU and the great Mother Russia? Well, you can find more information about it here Moldova, but the purpose of this article was to talk about a small Moldavian 3D studio that shines from Chişinău, the capital city.

One handful of animators started building their studio ten years ago, in a rented apartment, brought together by  Dimitri Voloșin, this guru of the Moldavian Internet . Their work became more and more professional (they got a Cannes Lions award for “Chişinău, the coolest city in the coolest country” campaign and an MTV award for a music video), until they started to think big and thought about creating an animated short film. Ideas kept coming, and 3 minutes weren’t enough for them, then 10 minutes were too little to expose the world and adventures they had in mind… until they couldn’t stop. So, the short movie transformed into an at least 80 minutes feature film.



The starting point of the first 3D animation movie produced in Moldova (The Gipsy) will be tree short animation films already made by Simplas Studio. The story of Gojo, the happy go luck gipsy, the wise grandfather Baro and the Death, bored to swing its scythe, impressed the Pixar Disney crew, which is interested in investing in the Moldavian production which should be ready in 2014.


“We will continue the discussion after the movie “The Gipsy” is ready. They were also impressed to discover that somewhere, in Moldova, there are persons who make animation”, said the Moldavians about their dialogue with Disney-Pixar.



Here are the first short movies from “The Gipsy”, the starting point for the movie that we will definitely hear about.


The movie will tell the story of two words, the one we live in and one that we can’t even imagine. Its characters are gypsies. The crew says that they like the spirit of this people, the love for freedom and the strong will. They have something natural and ethnic, that doesn’t exist in the modern society anymore. The script has even the blessing of the Moldavian gipsy leader



The main character, Gojo, was created in two months (3D modeling, texture and rigging).



Another element that catches our attention in this movie, along with the incredible animation and attention to detail, is the music composed and interpreted by a joyful Moldavian band called Zdob & Zdub. You should search for their songs if you feel like listening to something full of life, ethnic and funny. They mix rock with Romanian and Russian folk music, creating something unique.



You can support the cartoon, to help out these guys to finish their feature film and have your name appear in the cartoon credits! How cool is that!


Support the cartoon!





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