For the last couple of month, I have been working on a new project a new 3D scene. This scene will be a romantic 3d scene, it’s Modeled in Autodesk Maya, lighting done in Maya as-well and the scene will be rendered using VRay for Maya. I will be revealing this scene in November 2011, but meanwhile I wanted to share with you something that I think you will enjoy (I surely hope so).


Here is Vickeylane as a Taxi Parisien (isn’t that cute?), yeah you got it! The scene will take place in Paris, I know lots of you will say romantic scene in Paris… what a cliche, well if you think a 3D Romantic scene taking place in Paris is a cliche you should stop reading! Cause this is definitely not for you.


3d 1950 cartoon car


For this scene I used Maya for modeling. Well actually Vickeylane was initially modeled for Luca’s day off, but Vickey did come back to star in my Pixar Car Eyes tutorial using Maya and Vray for Maya. I really wanted to light a night scene using VRay for Maya, this is a studio setup lighting just to test out how Vickey would look at night (yes, you got me again! The scene will happen at night… I gotta stop writing or I will reveal too much about the scene).


I used regular VRay Rect Light placed high in front of the car and a couple of bounce boards to the side here a screenshot of the studio setup, I know I promised that I will write a tutorial on how to setup a studio lighting setup in Maya using Vray for maya. I haven’t forgotten.


lighting car studio setup



As for the headlight I used VRay IES (photometric) Lights (which are just awesome), but inside the headlights I placed 2 VRay Sphere lights, just to get those headlights shining.


IES Vray for maya


For the 3d car interior I used a VRay rect light jut to give it a nice soft look. For the Tail lights I used 2 Vray Rectlight with a strong red color and a very high intensity to get that nice red light bounce.


vray lighting interior 3d car modeled in maya

maya tail lights setup


Oh, one last thing, next week I’ll be sharing the buildings and some other elements from the scene, but if you can’t wait till next week you can visit my Facebook page and check them out.


If you like Vickylane as a Taxi you can download the wallpaper for your desktop and the zip will have almost all the important resolutions out there. If you want a specific one leave me a comment and I’ll try to upload it for you.


she didn't say goodbye


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