V-Ray for Maya Course on Digital Tutors

V-Ray for Maya Course on Digital Tutors

Hey guys, before I start telling you about this week’s update, I gotta apologize for not being active on the blog for the last couple of month, I have been very busy working on some amazing projects which I will share with you here each week starting this week, I promise that I will try to make 1 update per week from now on.

Among all of the amazing projects that I have been working on, one in particular meant a really big deal for me. I created a V-Ray for Maya course for the Creative Development course that the amazing Digital tutors has to offer.

I have been and still am one of the students at digital tutors. I owe these guys a lot for all the secrets and tips and tricks and workflow techniques and last and not least for inspiring me! And now seeing one of my courses on Digital Tutors is a dream come true!

The course is about creating an organically looking single cell organism in Maya using Procedural texturing (which you know that I love so much) and V-Ray for Maya. I really wanted to keep this tutorial simple and clean but at the same time show how much you can do with a simple 2d Ramp , the Sampler info node and other 2d or 3d procedural shaders that Maya has to offer, to create a professional  look for your own projects and to show you how I would go on creating a project like this for a client. You can check out the course here :


In this tutorial we will learn how to use procedural textures to create an organic shader. We will cover how to use the powerful procedural texturing that Maya has to offer, and then combine that with V-Ray Shaders to create an organic look to our cell. We’ll learn how to light these cells using V-Ray lights, and looking at how to use image-based lighting using V-Ray’s dome light. This will help create beautiful fill light and reflections for our scene. We will be using V-Ray’s render elements to create multiple passes that will be used to composite our scene. By the end of this course, you will understand how to use procedural texturing to create complex textures, as well as how to light a scene and make it stand out.

I would really love to hear your thoughts about this V-Ray for maya Tutorial and how did it help you in your project and if you would like to share some images I will def add your works on my blog!

Here are some Renders from this course

organic shader using vray   vray for maya tutorial






About Oasim Karmieh

My name is Oasim Karmieh and for the last 12 years I have been working as a freelancer,I have had the pleasure to work with clients all over the world. I have worked on some amazing projects from Animated films, animated short films, commercials and interactive iPad books. I’m what you call a Jack of all trades, but my true love and passion is teaching I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and technique with all my friends, This is why I started Pixelophy.com, cause I really believe in sharing knowledge and experience, the only way we can grow as artists is to help other artists grow with us.


  • Juned Mulla says:

    Hi Oasim,

    Your work is really inspiring and wonderful. Will definitely buy this course from Digital Tutors :).

    I have just started learning maya because I have always been fascinated with the 3D animation films and great art that artists like you create to tell a story. Hope I can start creating scenes like your quality.

    Have you ever thought of teaching 3D to new 3D students? If so I would be very interested in learning from you, online perhaps? Let me know.

    Anyways, keep up the excellent work and keep inspiring :).

    • oasim says:

      Thank you so much, really means a lot. I’m so happy to hear that my work is inspiring!
      Yeah I’m very interested in teaching students, this is why I started Pixelophy, unfortunately lately I haven’t been able to update the website as much as I would like to, but hopefully I will be able to launch a couple of new tutorials this month and I’m even thinking of starting a workshop, I will def announce it on the website when it will be ready!

  • Galaad says:

    Nice work man ! Good tutorial ! I enjoy your procedural texturing, it’s really good ! And thanks for the wood tutorial.

  • HGBCreator says:

    tnx man ! grseat
    u r is master (Procedural texturing)

  • markmcgivern says:

    Hi Oasim really enjoying your tutorials, it inspired me to create. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yxWyJ

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

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