Military Zombie 3d character design Part02

Military Zombie 3d character design Part02

In part one we stopped at the three military Zombie with different camouflage patterns for their uniforms, but using only colour or texture differences on your characters might not be enough, for this project I needed at least 6 different types of Zombies that will be front and center in the final 3d illustration, so the next step was to create difference variations of the same zombie character on top of three different camouflage patterns, this part is going to be interesting cause we are going to rip some Zombie arms, legs hands, break necks and jaws, oh goody 😀 

Alright then, so once I planned what I will do to each zombie I can start breaking their bones and ripping their flesh, I’m being cruel I know, but these are supposed to have ripped flesh and look gross while keeping them cartoony. Here are the planning that I do in photoshop to show the client and get his approval before I jump in ZBrush/Maya to start creating the different variations.

As you can see these are just simple paint over done fast in photoshop, it’s easier to do some planning here and play around with shapes before working on the actual 3d model.

Out first 3d zombie character  victim, the no arm Zombie, this poor fella lost his precious arm, I imagine it’s going to be a struggle for him to catch a fresh human being to eat. Creating the variation was pretty simple I had to delete the hand and half of the arm I actually deleted the arm part and hand in Maya cause I ready had the full body zombie uv mapped, decimated, remeshed and I had all the Displacement maps ready, so I only need to sculpt the flesh and bone and they export out the shirt, with the new painted flesh texture and displacement.

Now for the 2nd variation I wanted something a bit more gross, so I ripped all his side open, if i had a bit more time I would have sculpted a couple of ribs coming out from the side, but I think it came out pretty nice, for this one I actually did the entire flesh work in ZBrush I also cut out a big chunk of his vest.

Alright for our third perp, he has his leg torn off, but at least he didn’t loose it, I hope he is keeping chilled if he is thinking of getting it re-attached. Also I think cthe helmet and goggles came out pretty nice. Wait till you see this guy posed, I will leave with one imagination exercise, try imagining this Zombie walking…

Alright here is another military zombie, this guy lost a part of his skull I just hope no brain tissue has been damaged cause that would be awful. Here we have another zombie that cares about his body parts and doesn’t loose them along the road.

Here is the one armed Desert storm zombie, this has a huge grin, he seems happy or crazy?

and for our final variation here is a really damaged zombie, now this guy looks really scary to be honest I enjoyed ripping his face open, to reveal that beautiful jaw, the Jaw injury was done inside Zbrush, just moved a couple of faces and then using the inflate brush with a couple of ZBrush standard alphas to add that fleshy ripped look, the texture was entirely painted in ZBrush, I’m really starting to enjoy painting textures in ZBrush.

Once I have all these variations done, I sent to client for approval, once the client approved them I can move ahead and start posing them in ZBursh using the Transpose tool, so I’ll over a couple of poses that I did, and then I will share the final posed renders. Now here is the guy that didn’t loose his leg, I wanted the pose to be funny cause after all this should have a cartoony style.

It’s a good idea to make sure your character pose looks good and balanced from all angles, even if he is going to be visible from one angle in the last 3d illustration, but if the zombie looks good from all angles this means that you can get 3-4 zombies just by rotating them when placing the zombie in your scene, so it’s really helpful when you are going to need a horde of zombies attacking.

Here is a more classical zombie pose, broken leg and arm, this makes a nice silhouette easy to read and recognise, it’s always a good idea to use poses that people are used too, cause this makes them really easy to read, so don’t worry too much about the pose being a cliche, cause the character is already stylised and cartoony so the pose can be cliche.

Now this is my favourite zombie, this poor fella lost his arm and the arm is still holding to his shoulder but it also looks as if the arm is pushing the zombie and guiding him. Again this pose is a classical zombie walk pose, I want to thank my friend Iestyn Roberts for suggesting this crazy pose.

Alright now let’s get to the rendered poses, I hope you are not getting bored yet, again once the client approves the screens grabs that I sent him of the ZBrush poses I can start rendering these guys in Maya using V-Ray.

and that was the final pose, all zombie have been rendered using V-Ray for Maya. I will try to have the 3rd and final part of this making off soon. Please let me know if you have any questions about this walkthrough/making off, if you would like to see a tutorial of a certain part of this project please let me know and I will try my best to write or record something as fast as I can.

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