How to Create a 3d Chef's Hat
For the last couple of weeks I have been busy creating some new content that I really can’t wait to share it with you guys and gals. I really enjoy creating tutorials and I love it when I receive amazing messages, saying that you found my tutorials helpful. I have many awesome things planned ahead that will def take your work to a new level or maybe just improve your daily workflow.
Now, let’s talk about this marvelous tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a Chef’s Toque also known as a Chef’s Hat (Toque sounds so fancy, I have no idea how to say that word out loud without feeling french) using only Marvelous designer, I will show you some new tools and techniques that I used on a client’s projects.
We will look at the strengthen feature one very underappreciated tool in marvelous designer, but it’s one of the feature in marvelous designer that I love using and it saved my but more than a couple of times, especially when I wanted the 3d cloth to be stiff or just play nice with the other parts of the cloth. I will be showing you how to create 2 different types of stitches or sewing (I really don’t like saying the word sewing it just sounds like you are going to sue somebody…)
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About Oasim Karmieh

My name is Oasim Karmieh and for the last 12 years I have been working as a freelancer,I have had the pleasure to work with clients all over the world. I have worked on some amazing projects from Animated films, animated short films, commercials and interactive iPad books. I’m what you call a Jack of all trades, but my true love and passion is teaching I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and technique with all my friends, This is why I started, cause I really believe in sharing knowledge and experience, the only way we can grow as artists is to help other artists grow with us.

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  • Roy Reuben says:

    Hey Oasim, it is so good to hear you love teaching for i have seen some of your tutorials and you were really clear and in simple language at explaining things in detail. I am using Maya as primary tools for my motion graphics, modeling, animation and all. Recent, i just developed interest to learn more about vray for maya after watching your tutorials. I would say, you really are a life savior brother. I will happy to see more great stuffs from you. I am self studying computer animation so whenever i find courses that helps me make my dream come true, i always envy that. Thanks and keep up the work, brother.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

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