Here is a new Marvelous Designer tutorial that I couldn’t wait to share it with you, lately I have been using Marvelous Designer more frequently for my client and personal projects, and I’m trying to show that Marvelous Designer is not only a 3d cloth simualtor, it’s a great modeling tool that can be used to create lots of amazing 3d models, I already showed you how to create a 3d Chef’s hat using Marvelous Designer, and I’m planning a couple of 3d modeling tutorials using Marvelous Designer in the upcoming weeks, so make sure you signup to the newsletter so you don’t miss out on the good stuff!

Marvelous Designer is the perfect tool to create a natural realistic 3d Rose

The challenge was to create a 3d Rose model using only Marvelous Designer, and I wanted to look natural and realistic, you can def create a 3d rose using other 3d programs, but we all know how bad these turn out to be, so I had this idea that I might be able to create the 3d rose using only Marvelous Designer, and it’s actually pretty simple and Marvelous Designer has some amazing tools that makes your life easier when it comes to creating something more organic and natural.

I start by breaking down the main shapes of a Rose. Like all the projects that I start working on, what are the basic shapes? The middle of the rose basically looks like a spiral because of the way all the petals are stacked on top of each other to create that spiral, so we start by drawing a 2d spiral on the circle pattern, we simulate that circle and then we go ahead and freeze it, so it doesn’t move while we are simulating the 3d rose on top of it, we are just going to use this circle to draw the main internal polygon lines on which we are going to be sewing the spiral shape and petals of the 3d rose.

Once we have the main spiral part created using a simple rectangle shape, we will go ahead and round those top corners using the Edit Round Corner a new tool in Marvelous Designer just to fade out those edges into the sides of the spiral shape cause we don’t want any sharp corner in a 3d rose. We gotta make sure that spaces between each line in the 2d spiral are really close together so we can get that tight look for the 3d rose.

Next we start drawing in the pattern that will make the 3d petals of the 3d rose, we will start with a circle and then tweak the 2d pattern to get the petal to look exactly as we want it. As you may notice the shape of the petal doesn’t look anything like a realistic rose petal, the problem with that is that realistic petals have a small base and if I create that in Marvelous Designer it can’t hold it’s weight and I can’t get a clean simulation. But making the base of the petal a bit wider we get a structure strong enough to support the weight of the mesh when simulation is on, this won’t effect the realistic look of the 3d rose.

The other thing you will notice when hitting simulating by pressing space or clicking the top left arrow, is that the rose doesn’t look natural at all it’s stiff and exactly the look that you usually get when trying to 3d model the a 3d rose in a 3d modeling software, “But I thought we were trying to stay away from that look”, bare with me for a second, if it looks fake it doesn’t mean that it’s bad, let’s say you need to create 3d flowers for architectural usage or maybe for a wedding dress, or you want that rose to be made of plastic well then exporting the model like this is exactly what you need, see render if you don’t believe me.

The next thing we gotta do is make this fake 3d rose look more like a realistic and natural 3d model of a rose, and this is where the magic of Marvelous Designer comes into play, now that we have the spiral created and all the 3d petals simulated and we are happy with the basic shapes we go ahead and select all the top exterior edges of the petals to start making them look more natural, and we do that by adding a bit of elasticity to the edges by going into the Property editor and check elastic to turn elasticity on, then play around with the Strength and the Ratio to get the look that we are going for, please make sure you experiment with this, cause you can get some beautiful effects, and that’s it now you have a beautiful natural Rose that we can export into ZBrush and start making it look awesome!

When we export the Rose into ZBrush, make sure none of the 2d patterns of the spiral and the petals are not overlapping so we can get a clean set of polygroups in ZBrush that will helps a lot when we are going to edit the 3d mesh into ZBrush so we can add thickness and do any tweaks needed for each petal.

Finally we are going to render the 3d rose using Keyshot for ZBrush, and we will go ahead and test out a couple of shaders and lighting environments to see which one fits the look we are going for, and once we are happy we can render out the final render and do final tweaks into photoshop, with this tutorial I’m really trying to show that you can create some amazing 3d models using Marvelous Designer, don’t be scared of experimenting cause you might come-up with some awesome 3d models or even techniques and make sure to share them cause only by sharing we can grow as artists.

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