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3ds max vray

Using 3ds max and Vray to create some LOVE

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In this looong video tutorial Guest author Johannes Tiner will show you how to re-create something pretty awesome :) using 3ds max and renderd using my all time favorite renderer.

This is a heavenly inspired 😛 video tutorial and all credits go to:
Nejc Polovsak from Twistedpoly ( )
Nina Stajner ( )

This is the spline plugin that Johannes Tiner talks about

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marvelous designer tutorial

Marvelous Designer Tutorial – How to create a 3d Rose

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I’m trying to show that Marvelous Designer is not only a 3d cloth simualtor, it’s a great modeling tool that can be used to create lots of amazing 3d models, I already showed you how to create a 3d Chef’s hat using Marvelous Designer, and I’m planning a couple of 3d modeling tutorials using Marvelous Designer in the upcoming weeks, so make sure you signup to the newsletter so you don’t miss out on the good stuff!

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3ds max cloth tutorial

Fully Procedural Sofa Fabric Shader in Vray

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In this tutorial guest author Johannes Tiner will show us how to create the IKEA’s Ektorp sofa fabric using Vray and 3dmax, using procedural textures, we are going to create this shuddering without depending on any bitmap and not have a shader which is pixel dependent, we don’t have to worry about the scale of the shader to get those nice crisp details. We will start with a Vray material applied to our fabric, I’m not going to go into how I setup the lighting for this scene, cause I really want to get to the creating the shader, that’s why you are here right?

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marvelous designer basics

Marvelous Designer Tutorial

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Now, let’s talk about this marvelous tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a Chef’s Toque also known as a Chef’s Hat (Toque sounds so fancy, I have no idea how to say that word out loud without feeling french) using only Marvelous designer, I will show you some new tools and techniques that I used on a client’s projects. We will look at the strengthen feature, a very under-appreciated tool in marvelous designer, but it’s one of the features in marvelous designer that I love using and it saved my butt more than a couple of times, especially when I wanted the 3d cloth to be stiff or just play nice with the other parts of the cloth.

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cloth shader vray

Realistic Soft Cloth Shader Tutorial

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In this tutorial I will go over explaining how to create some realistic soft cloth shaders inside Maya using V-Ray, this technique actually works on any type of renderer, I will start by explaining how to create a really simple cloth shader that you can use in your cartoony projects, and then I’ll show you the “standard” cloth technique, and finally I’ll build an awesome shader network that will blow your mind, literally blow your mind so make sure no kids are around when you watch this cause your shattered brain pieces might injure them, so use this tutorial with caution.. YOU have been warned!

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3d game art ios

Military Zombie 3d character design Part02

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For this project I needed at least 6 different types of Zombies that will be front and center in the final 3d illustration, so the next step was to create difference variations of the same zombie character on top of three different camouflage patterns, this part is going to be interesting cause we are going to rip some Zombie arms, legs hands, break necks and jaws, oh goody 😀

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