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Military Zombie 3d character design Part02

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For this project I needed at least 6 different types of Zombies that will be front and center in the final 3d illustration, so the next step was to create difference variations of the same zombie character on top of three different camouflage patterns, this part is going to be interesting cause we are going to rip some Zombie arms, legs hands, break necks and jaws, oh goody 😀

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Making of 3d romantic scene

She Didn’t Say Goodbye…

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This scene actually started from a lighting exercise I was doing using VRay for Maya. I wanted to create a simple night light rig setup, and it started as a really simple scene. I showed it around to a friend of mine who is a great matte painter and he gave me some pointers and feedback on how a balcony overlooking a city scene should look like and he sent me lots of reference examples, but the most important thing that I got from our discussion was “ This scene works only if it tells a story with characters, otherwise it’s just a simple 3d scene”. Read More

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New Pixelophy project, sneak peek!

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For the last couple of month, I have been working on a new project a new 3D scene. This scene will be a romantic 3d scene, it’s Modeled in Autodesk Maya, lighting done in Maya as-well and the scene will be rendered using VRay for Maya. I will be revealing this scene in November 2011, but meanwhile I wanted to share with you something that I think you will enjoy (I surely hope so).

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Weekly seen 5

Lonely Playground

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Alright then… This week I will be presenting an old piece (I know it’s a bit of a cheat but I have been really busy). And I really gotta present this as a weekly scene cause it’s an important project for me, because I learned so much while working on this piece from lighting setup to composition, color and texturing and I feel it like a nice turning point for me.

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Weekly seen 4

Cycle into light

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I know it’s been a while since I have updated my blog, I had a couple of really busy weeks adjusting to some new project which are amazingly FUN! Can’ say much now, but I promise I will have lots to share with you dudes and dudets pretty soon.


Now don’t tell me that you thought Weekly Seen was over???? NO way! I’m just getting warmed up and I will def have more scenes to share!


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Third time’s a charm!

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After a long week Luca deserves a brake. I could use a brake like that as-well and I think we all do! So here it is the third Weekly Seen, be sure to check out Weekly Seen 1 and Weekly Seen 2. This week I wanted the mood to be relaxing and peaceful; no guns, gangsters or angry dudes. The timing of this scene is perfect cause this week we had beautiful sunny days, after a long snowy winter (glad that is over…). So this scene is dedicated to sunny days of spring!

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3D Maltese Falcon

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So, as I promised, here is weekly scene #2. Couple of weeks ago I watched for the first time the Maltese falcon which is a classic Film Noir and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Keep in mind this is a 1941 movie. So this week’s scene is dedicated to Film noir and especially to Humphrey Bogart cause he was such an icon of that movie genre. Although my scene is not black and white, I tired to mimic a low-key visual style, but along the way I decided to add a background light cause I felt the scene was too empty and I wanted to add something to make it more attractive and so it has more depth to it. Although background light is usually used in Four point lighting setup.


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