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Weekly seen 6

Disney Classic Scene-Roger’s Room

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I know I haven’t posted for a long time and I really apologize for that, but I have some really good reasons. I finally moved out of Bucharest to the beautiful city of Brasov and I gotta honestly tell ya with a big smile on my face :) that I’m Loving it, looking out the window and seeing the mountains is priceless (I promise to post some photos of the new place really soon). Now back to the serious stuff.

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Weekly seen 5

Lonely Playground

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Alright then… This week I will be presenting an old piece (I know it’s a bit of a cheat but I have been really busy). And I really gotta present this as a weekly scene cause it’s an important project for me, because I learned so much while working on this piece from lighting setup to composition, color and texturing and I feel it like a nice turning point for me.

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Third time’s a charm!

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After a long week Luca deserves a brake. I could use a brake like that as-well and I think we all do! So here it is the third Weekly Seen, be sure to check out Weekly Seen 1 and Weekly Seen 2. This week I wanted the mood to be relaxing and peaceful; no guns, gangsters or angry dudes. The timing of this scene is perfect cause this week we had beautiful sunny days, after a long snowy winter (glad that is over…). So this scene is dedicated to sunny days of spring!

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