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3ds max cloth tutorial

Fully Procedural Sofa Fabric Shader in Vray

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In this tutorial guest author Johannes Tiner will show us how to create the IKEA’s Ektorp sofa fabric using Vray and 3dmax, using procedural textures, we are going to create this shuddering without depending on any bitmap and not have a shader which is pixel dependent, we don’t have to worry about the scale of the shader to get those nice crisp details. We will start with a Vray material applied to our fabric, I’m not going to go into how I setup the lighting for this scene, cause I really want to get to the creating the shader, that’s why you are here right?

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cloth shader vray

Realistic Soft Cloth Shader Tutorial

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In this tutorial I will go over explaining how to create some realistic soft cloth shaders inside Maya using V-Ray, this technique actually works on any type of renderer, I will start by explaining how to create a really simple cloth shader that you can use in your cartoony projects, and then I’ll show you the “standard” cloth technique, and finally I’ll build an awesome shader network that will blow your mind, literally blow your mind so make sure no kids are around when you watch this cause your shattered brain pieces might injure them, so use this tutorial with caution.. YOU have been warned!

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Happy Holidays from Pixelophy!

Waiting for Santa

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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones! May Santa bring you everything you ever wished for and may 2012 be an awesome year for Everybody!


Waiting for Santa concept was actually done last Christmas and I didn’t have time to 3d model it, texture and lighting before Christmas and in a way I’m glad I didn’t cause this year I have learned so much and my modeling and lighting techniques have become so much better!

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