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The fascinating works of Vladimir Kazak

From Red with Love!

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I saw the amazing piece called Fiesta By Vladimir and was fascinated on the amount of work and details that went into that piece. I think I spent at least an hour checking all the corners and elements and each time I see it again I discover an element, a pose or an emotion, this piece can easily be split in 6 artworks if not more. You have to check out the works of Vladimir cause they are in his own words : “My art is superficial; it is a cartoon or a joke. Frivolous art…”  I love his style and I’m always excited to see what he comes up with next!


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Whimsical Journeys of Mario Graciotti

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Let me take you through a Whimsical journey of colors and shapes. A place where I can make you feel like a kid again. Discover the world throughout the works of Mario Graciotti.

● Tell us a little bit about your background

As a child I liked to draw and color with crayons, but what I loved most was playing with construction toys, particularly Lego and K’nex. The concept of putting pieces together to create something new always excited me. That probably relates to what I do now, assembling visual elements together in an appealing way, with the intention to make something new, that catches people’s attention. Besides graphic design, I’m also interested in animation, illustration and comics, areas that I want to develop some skills in the future.


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